Summer is almost here. So, now is a good time to take care of your teeth and gums so you can enjoy a healthy smile when the days are longer and there’s more time to do what you want to do. Take a moment to check out our summertime guide to oral care.


Create a Routine


If you don’t already have a summertime brushing routine in place, now is a good time to put one into motion. Start by brushing after each meal. Also, if you have summer picnics or gatherings, at least bring some floss along to remove plaque and food particles from your mouth. If you can’t brush after each meal, consider chewing on sugar-free gum to remove debris from your mouth. Also, use mouthwash as a substitute for brushing if you’re really in a hurry.


As for your routine, try to stick with one that works best for you. Brushing can be a family event if you have children, for example. You can even include fun songs to make the brushing process more enjoyable. Ideally, you want to brush each time for two minutes. Proper brushing includes:


– Brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush

– Placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums

– Using short movements to gently guide the toothbrush

– Brushing outside surfaces, inside surfaces, and chewing surfaces


Drink Plenty of Water


Staying hydrated is especially important in the summer. Drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water helps with oral health care by removing loose debris and refreshing your teeth and gums. Water also helps with dry mouth and it protects the enamel on your teeth.


Enjoy Teeth-Friendly Meals and Treats


Treat yourself and your teeth to something good and healthy to eat. Avoid high-sugar treats as much as possible. Instead, opt for summertime treats that include:


– Fig ice cream

– Pineapples

– Fresh fruit

– Fresh veggies

– Sliced bell peppers

– Brazil nuts

– Yogurt


Protect Your Teeth


If your children play sports, a mouthguard can be helpful. Also, pay attention to instructions for any retainers your children may be using during the summer when they’re out and about or playing sports. Further protect your teeth by not smoking or chewing, avoiding the habit of biting your nails, and not chewing on food that’s difficult to bite into.


Have a Dental Checkup


Lastly, remember to schedule a dental checkup. Do this for everyone in the family. A dental checkup allows issues with overbites and other dental problems to be taken care of as soon as possible.


Summer is also a good time to take care of overbites and similar issues since any dental material you may have to use can be customized to your needs and preferences. For children, this often means opting for clear braces to minimize visibility.


Schedule a dental checkup today to ensure your teeth and gums are ready for the summer months ahead.

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