Advancements in technology are everywhere, from hospitals to schools to banks. Businesses rely on automated processes to increase productivity, improve reliability and availability, reduce operating expenses, and increase performance. Many manually driven processes demand excessive time and energy and could be automated to make the organization more competitive and efficient.

Material items aren’t the only advancements being made because of improved tech. Processes change in ways we rarely see and don’t even think about. Investors use stock analysis software to make savvy and speedy trades. Manufacturers are using machine learning and SPC collection data to understand where quality holes may be. It would be unreasonable to think software solutions aren’t being implemented to provide a more reliable and improved moving experience. Moving companies are using software like SmartMoving to increase profitability through automation. 

As the fastest-growing software and CRM in the relocation space, here are the top 5 processes to automate for moving companies:

1. Schedule & Route Management

Scheduling and routing moves should not take hours and require several people and multiple tools to complete the job. Moving companies manage operations more efficiently by leveraging systems to schedule more intelligently based on the workforce, routes, and traffic history.

2. Estimates

Build consistent, accurate estimates with a flexible auto-price engine. State-of-the-art moving software makes it possible to get estimates out of the door in minutes, not hours, without compromising accuracy. Automating the estimates process can save precious time to focus on customer outreach and customer service. Estimate automation provides a fast and precise quoting process.

3. Data & Reporting

Real-time reporting is helping managers be more decisive and make better decisions. Tracking business numbers, setting benchmarks for marketing, sales, operations, and finances, and keeping tabs on moving operations in real-time are game-changing when it comes to managing a business.

4. Storage Management

Improving storage operations and warehouse flow with custom-built software for asset tracking and warehouse management can improve your bottom line. Knowing the occupancy of your warehouses, the square footage remaining, and where unclaimed items are can be the difference between a profitable storage facility and just a value-add one for customers.

5. Finances & Billing

Simplifying accounting efforts by using taylormade software for moving companies. Nobody likes to admit it, but staying on top of invoices, tax issues, and government regulations is necessary and can be very difficult. There are now software solutions that help automate these tedious and challenging tasks to ensure you’re staying up-to-date with regulations and in compliance with tax rules, all while reducing the time it takes to complete.

Automating the above processes will increase the efficiency of your moving company, and greater efficiency translates to higher earnings. In addition, SmartMoving is an all-in-one solution that provides CRM capabilities to help you capture all leads in one place, templated emails and text messages to ensure professional communication with prospects, and prove sales scripts to help you book more moving clients with every call you make.

SmartMoving is the number one software explicitly built for moving and storage companies to help improve their businesses and increase their profitability. Creating the best software and CRM for moving companies to run business seamlessly has been their goal for a long time, and they’re pleased to say that they’re ranked #1 by many reputable IT reviewers.

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