Traveling is a great opportunity to experience different cultures and explore new places whether it is for work or for leisure. When it comes to short-term rentals, travelers have a wide range of options to choose from, such as hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals. However, what many people don’t realize is that they are not covered by renter’s insurance while staying in short-term housing.

Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that protects your personal belongings and provides liability coverage in case someone is injured while in your apartment rental. It also covers you and your belongings inside and outside of your apartment, so you can enjoy all the amenities that your apartment complex has to offer. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need renters’ insurance for short-term rentals:

  1. Protect Your Personal Belongings

When traveling, you might bring valuable items like electronics, jewelry, and clothing. If any of these items get lost or damaged during your stay, you could be out of pocket for the replacement cost. However, with renters’ insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your personal belongings are protected.

  1. Liability Coverage For Your Short-Term Rental

Accidents can happen, and if someone is injured in your apartment rental, you could be held responsible. With renters’ insurance, you have liability coverage to protect yourself and your assets.

  1. No Coverage Under Short-Term Housing

Short-term housing providers are not responsible for the damage or loss of any personal items that you bring with you. It remains the guest’s responsibility to insure their assets. But, when you enroll in renters’ insurance through a provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that accidental damage is covered.

  1. Coverage Inside and Outside of Your Apartment

Renters’ insurance not only covers your belongings in-unit, but it also protects you and your belongings while enjoying all the amenities that your apartment complex has to offer. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected from loss or theft from the moment you check in until the moment you check out.

  1. Affordable

Renters’ insurance is an affordable way to protect your personal belongings and provide liability coverage. With low rates, you can insure all your belongings, your liability, premise liability, accidental damage, and bedbug remediation.

Renters’ insurance is an important investment for anyone staying in short-term rentals. It provides peace of mind and protection for your personal belongings and liability coverage in case someone is injured while in your apartment rental. With Furnished Quarters corporate apartments, you have the option to insure all of your belongings and your liability at affordable rates. All you have to do is select “yes” when signing your lease to opt-in for comprehensive renters’ insurance coverage. Travel freely with peace of mind by choosing to enroll in renters’ insurance for your short-term rental stays.

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