The unfortunate truth is not all people have the option of moving after a divorce. Those with children might require approval from the courts or a modification of a custody agreement. A child support lawyer in North Carolina might have to adhere to different laws than one in California. Those that get a divorce without children can move where they are financially able. A divorce settlement could be reasonable enough to allow you to move nearly anywhere you’d like. Use this time to start anew if you are currently unhappy in your current city. The following are things you should consider when moving to a new city after a divorce. 

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle If Possible 

The digital nomad lifestyle used to be for freelancers and those lucky enough to land remote roles. Remote roles are far more prevalent and digital nomads have places where people work/live near one another. You might be in a large complex with other digital nomads that might be freelancers or might work for a worldwide corporation. The beauty of being a digital nomad is all you need is a reliable internet connection to earn a livable income. 

Living abroad can be amazing in terms of quality of life versus budget. Living in Thailand can be much more affordable than living somewhere like Canada or the United States. You might find you can work a fraction of the time when living abroad so you can live a life you truly enjoy. Too many people live to work rather than working to live the life that they want. You could keep your full-time job while living abroad long-term.  

Rental Prices Could Be Astronomical

Rental prices could be astronomical in certain places which means living there without buying could add up quickly. The cost of living in a specific place could be very expensive while another could be affordable. Research is a huge part of moving to a city even if you have visited there in the past. Living in a city does not automatically mean that you will know the city if you return a decade or two later. Tampa is a great example as the city has grown immensely in the last couple of decades. 

Live Somewhere Fit For Your Hobbies

Hobbies can make a huge impact on your decision when moving to a city after a divorce. Some have wanted to live near the water while others might want to live in a rural setting. Research your favorite things to do and see which city is the best fit. You might find a few hidden gems during your extensive research. 

Divorce is a fact of life for a number of people due to so many variables which could be in or out of the control of the couple. Do not allow divorce to define you as it happens to far more people than you realize. The truth is people do not publicize this and didn’t have a platform to do so before social media.

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