For every traveler, finding the right accommodation that is affordable, comfortable, and convenient, is one of the more difficult aspects of frictionless traveling.
And – finding a place to work, relax, rest, or recharge while in transit leaves even fewer options. Many times we find ourselves laying on an airport floor that is uncomfortable and, even more, less private.

The concept of Micro-Hotels is infiltrating the traveling experience. Big box hotels can be expensive, inconveniently located, and offer unnecessary features when all you need is just a place to rest your head or work for less than 24-hours. But,  “hoteliers are getting smart. They’re building small, functional and visually exciting rooms that provide a big experience in a compact space”, according to an article posted on The Coolist. Micro-hotels are typically up to 150 square feet and are known for incorporating innovative designs that make spaces as dynamic as possible.

Switchable Glass with liquid crystal nanotechnology, also known as smart glass or LCG® (light control glass), allows glass windows or glass partitions to switch from transparent to privacy mode with a button, application, or remote control. The smart film can be applied to existing windows as a sticker, or laminated into newly fabricated glass for micro hotels in the specification phase.

With switchable privacy glass or electronic windows, micro hotels are empowered and can offer the following:

  • Privacy on Demand. Smart glass provides users with a sense of privacy on demand that is easy to control and brings a higher sense of luxury.
  • Low Maintenance. LCG® smart glass takes the notion of smart, High-Tech, micro hotels to the next level, getting rid of unattractive, hard to clean window blinds and shades.
  • Multitask Opportunities. Smart windows allow for other potential uses, whether travelers need a whiteboard for work or a  screening surface for a smart entertainment solution. Plus, businesses can utilize the window space for advertising, which can increase revenue.

Sleepbox creates a new experience and stands out as the only modular, stand-alone, plug-in micro hotel room within an airport. With 16 nap-pods in the Washington Dulles International Airport, Sleepbox offers an easy solution for travelers who are looking for a private space while traveling. The sound-proof sleep-pods feature LCG® liquid crystal switchable glass, so a user can decide if they want complete privacy, or to keep the glass transparent for a more open atmosphere. To make things even easier for today’s tech-savvy travelers, Sleepbox also works with an app that allows the rooms to be booked, unlocked, and controlled (including the smart glass) using their mobile device.

The enhancement of micro hotels with switchable smart glass is intuitive. Smart glazing on windows and glass partitions can boost hotel ratings and make micro spaces appear more open and spacious, affording small spaces a sizable impact.

“It is not a golden cage, but a vehicle for adventure”, Mikhail Krymov, CEO, co-founder and creator of the concept, describes Sleepbox. This up-and-coming concept, enriched with Gauzy’s LCG® smart glass, is bound to become the new way to travel simply, affordably, and without friction.

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