The most difficult part of planning a Hawaii trip is choosing the right island. There are many islands to choose from, and each one has something to offer. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

The characteristics of each island depend on where you are located. There are two sides to each island. One is a rainy area where the scenery can be lush and green, while the other side has more sunshine. Both are worth visiting. 

Maui is the second-most visited island and is home to beautiful beaches, world-class whale-watching, and the Road to Hana driving route, where you will find waterfalls, bamboo forests, and red-and-black sand beaches. Upcountry also has wineries and lavender farms where you can watch the sunrise over a volcanic crater. You will find a variety of restaurants, shops, activities, and natural attractions.

Location and View 

Hotels and Resorts are the traditional type of accommodation. We all know what a hotel and resort is. They offer more amenities, such as spas or golf courses, but everyone is familiar with the concept. There are approximately 7,400 hotels in Maui. These range from simple, basic hotels to luxurious resorts. The majority of Maui resorts are located in the primary resort areas of West Maui and South Maui, with a handful of smaller properties located in other regions of the island.

Prices for Maui accommodations are determined largely by the location of the property, which is usually close to the beach or ocean. Also, the view from each room. You will find the following terminology used to describe property types and rooms when searching for accommodation on Maui:

Beachfront is a hotel or resort that is located on a beach. 

Oceanfront is a property that faces the ocean. However, it may or not be located on a beach.

Ocean View is a view that looks out onto the ocean. However, it’s not necessarily oceanfront or beachfront. It might be near the ocean (like across a street), offer a side view to the ocean or provide a closer view.

Partial Ocean View is when you have a partial view of the ocean. However, it is not a panoramic view.


Aside from location and view, you’ll want to check the other amenities. Everyone’s budget and itinerary are going to look different, you’ll want a place to stay that is customized to the vacation you’ve planned. Outrigger hotels and resorts have a wide variety of amenities to fit any plans, including but not limited to: refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher, Glass-top stove, Flat-screen TV in each room, Large balcony, Washer & dryer, Spa, and activities and rental options. 


A vacation to Maui is among the best trips you can take, you don’t want the location you stay at to disappoint you. There are many resorts in Maui so you’ll have quite a selection to choose from. Remember to do your research now so you can sit back and relax later. Select a location that suits your trip and choose a hotel or resort that has the amenities you’ll need. Most importantly enjoy your vacation.

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