Of the many South East Asian countries, Vietnam is a real gem of natural beauty that has, in the last 3-4 years, become a major tourist destination. The eastern-most country on the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam borders in the north with China and Laos, with Cambodia to the west and the coastal region of the South China Sea, where all the best resorts are located.

Hoi An

This beautiful town is located on the South China Sea coast and with luxurious holiday villas in Danang, this is one of the premier beach areas, where all the top-rated resorts and villas are located. There is everything you could possibly want at this popular area, with a wide range of water sports available, you will never get bored.

Sea Facing Villas

The best type of accommodation in Hoi An is a villa looking out at the ocean, with your own private pool and garden, offering privacy and luxury like no other resort. If you would like to learn more about luxury holiday accommodation in Hoi An, Google 5-star resorts and check out the amazing bargains of offer.

Luxury Facilities

When you stay at a luxury resort in Hoi An, you can enjoy the top-notch facilities, such as the wellness spa, state of the art fitness centre and fabulous swimming pool. If you need a rest from the kids, the resort has their own kids club, with great activities for children of all ages. If you fancy horse riding along the beach, or kayaking in the bay, or even a bike ride into town, all these services are available.

All-Inclusive Prices

Some resorts have everything you need, but at a cost, whereas an all-inclusive deal allows you to use the facilities as you wish. When looking at resort websites, don’t forget to read the small print and make sure that resort facilities are all freely available to guests. Here are a few tips for travelling in the holidays, which often is the case.

Choice of Cuisine

A 5-star resort in Hoi An would have a selection of top restaurants, offering you dining choices and let’s not forget room service, which is available 24/7. While the Vietnamese cuisine is amazing, it is nice to try some fused menus, with Thai and Indonesian flavours (check out the menus on the resort website for a full range of cuisine).

Beach Life

The long stretch of beach at Hoi An is full of life; in the early evening, the young guys (and girls) play beach football and finding a team is easy, while others fly kites and play frisbee. The early mornings and evenings are prime time for beach activities, plus you’ll bump into a few local vendors selling sarongs and coconut drinks and super-calm days are ideal for the kayaks.

If you love the beach atmosphere and would like 5-star luxury, Hoi An is the place where you can immerse yourself in tropical paradise for a few weeks.

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