Social media has had an immense impact on society as a whole. The amount of impact it has had over the last few deceased is astronomical. It’s clear that people like to use their social media as a main channel of communication. Although there are those individuals that still refuse to condone any social media presence in their lives, it’s uncommon for someone to not have some type of media or online presence. Shalom Lamm completely understands how impactful it is because he is a historian. The influence of such media has shined throughout the world and people sometimes rather have a social media profile rather than have a one-on-one connection with people. It’s an understanding that social media has been so influential because of how many communication channels it has created. For example, Instagram used to simply be an application used to post images. Comments were able to be placed and people could comment back and forth on pictures. Other than that, there were no other communication vehicles permitted in the app in early 2012. Moving forward, it’s obvious that there are so many versions of communication now. These can be through polls, stores, messenger, comments, and so much more. Facebook also has a similar history. The people who use Facebook have a high demand for communication via posts, comments, and messenger. Many businesses even use this platform as a way to communicate. It allows multiple vehicles of communication to be upheld no matter when in the world a user is located. There has been a substantial amount of change to these social platforms because of the technology that has developed with it. There is no reason for people to have paid cellular plans because the internet offers an immense amount of texting and communication for free. People even use applications like Whatsapp, now owned by Facebook, which is extremely valuable in regards to data collection. 

Social media has vastly changed the industry and there are so many reasons why people use it as a main channel of communication. As there is an increase in users online, there are more people who don’t have a regard for nonsocial media presence. History has forever changed according to historians like Shalom Lamm. The way people communicate will never be the same. Face to face interaction is no longer valued and usually highly avoided. Especially during the pandemic, it’s clear that people would much rather be safe than have to interact with others. Social media has benefited the planet in many ways in forms of communication, but it’s also important to take into account how important springtime with actual people is as well. There has never been more of a time to appreciate friends and family and look forward to rejoining with them in the future, or the cease of this pandemic.