Sleep on a retired luxury ocean liner in California, live in an active lighthouse in Oregon, get a pizza from a diver in Florida, enjoy the magnificent views of New Mexico in a romantic room, and discover other American adventures. The places on our list is really amazing, and perfect for a long weekend trip. just start planning now and get your delta airlines reservations in advance to visit these places very easily and at very reasonable rates.

1. Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Stay on the Queen Mary, which was once a world-class ocean liner and is now a luxury floating hotel in Long Beach, California. The last voyage of the RMS Queen Mary began in December 1967. It is one of the largest luxury ocean-going routes in the world and has now become a single floating hotel with 3 award-winning restaurants.

No less than 346 first-class cabins and 9 luxury suites provide unique accommodation on the 3rd-level deck. The cabin is decorated with wood paneling and art deco furniture, as well as authentic artwork and open portholes from the 1930s. Modern facilities include air conditioning, flat-screen LCD TV with satellite and pay movies, and WiFi.

Dining on Queen Mary Island is an unforgettable experience in various restaurants, cafes, and bars. The Great Lady of Cruises offers various attractions and activities on board.

2. Jules underwater cabin, Florida

Jules Underwater Hotel is the first at the bottommost of the sea guesthouse in the world. Located at the foot of Key Largo underwater park, Jules’ can spend the night in an underwater village and offers diving courses and underwater adventure activities.

As the hotel is located 21 feet from the lagoon, you must be a certified diver to enter the cabin. Submerged buildings provide conveniences such as an entirely prepared kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, and a comfortable lounge area with books, music, and movies.

The comfortable rooms have windows where you can lie down and watch the fishes in the water world. There is also a private bathroom with a hot shower.

If you are looking for an unusual holiday, you do not want to miss this amazing place. In addition to spending the night in the underwater hut, Key Largo Underwater Park also offers diving, pizza in the hut, and three hours of small adventures in the lagoon.

3. Heceta Point Lighthouse, Cape Bay, Oregon

Enjoy a unique experience and spend the night at the lighthouse that can be used. The Heceta Head lighthouse and lighthouse administrator’s house were built around 1894 and are still in operation. The lighthouse is registered in the General Register of Extraordinary Places, and there are six rooms with queen-size beds, comfortable duvets and wood-burning fireplaces, and antique furniture.

Five bathrooms offer showers and bathtubs, while the comfortable lounge provides a quiet place to relax and enjoy the view. The fully equipped kitchen is ideal for preparing meals. A delicious breakfast will be provided during your stay.

4. Casa Gallina, Taos, New Mexico

Located on the edge of Taos, Casa Gallina has a peaceful rural scenery and provides guests with a peaceful New Mexico oasis. Casa Gallina has five Adobe-style casinos, including bright traditional New Mexico furniture, New Mexico and Old Mexico art, antiques, and textiles. A cozy wood stove or Kiva fireplace creates a warm atmosphere. You can prepare your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Casitas has the latest technology, including wireless laptops for personal use, high-speed WiFi, satellite TV, and surround sound cinema and music systems.

5. Red Caboose Motel, Longx, Pennsylvania

Red Caboose Motel is located in the center of the Amish agricultural community in Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, and offers unique and historic accommodation for families and individuals. The rooms of Red Caboose Motel offer comfortable rooms with vans. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, cable TV, private bathroom, shower, and bathtub. Some rooms have a private terrace with picturesque views and the historic Strasbourg Railway.

You can enjoy a good meal in the Red Caboose restaurant and provide old-fashioned family dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a friendly atmosphere. Dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients from the local Amish farm, and delicious food can be enjoyed from the farm to the table.

6. A unique holiday: Bivvi in ​​Breckenridge, Colorado

The Bivvi Lodge in Breckenridge is designed for adventurers, hikers, and mountaintop masters. It is a comfortable mountain lodge that offers comfortable, modern accommodation, modern facilities, and stunning views. There are 10 rooms in the hotel, of which 6 are classic hotel rooms and 4 are modern rooms with bunk beds. The room features a Norwegian pine bed with a personal reading lantern and private curtains, and a private bathroom with a shower and a balcony with mountain views.

Relax with new friends in the hot tub or outdoor fireplace. A delicious free supper is so long as every morning. The city is surrounded by walking space and has several restaurants and bars for dinner.

7. Holiday Jones, Chicago, Illinois

Holiday Jones is situated in the center of Chicago’s famous Wicker Park, an elegant place in the city. It offers modern accommodation, luxurious facilities, and is just a small walk from the lively nightlife of Chicago. The well-appointed rooms are comfortably furnished with individually designed beds with soft sheets and blankets, openable windows, and central air conditioning. Some rooms have a bathroom with a shower, while others are located on each floor of the hostel. Free WiFi is available throughout.

The hotel’s restaurant 5411 Empanadas offers delicious Argentinian dishes.

8. Honor and Madness, Detroit, Michigan

Honor & Folly is a design-oriented hotel located in the heart of the Detroit community. The versatile B&B is located in Slows, one of the city’s most lively restaurants, offering old-fashioned travel. The hotel has two rooms, each with a double bed, and provides additional accommodation for children. The fully equipped kitchen includes a washing machine, clothes dryer, and a dishwasher. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the apartment and adornments of products from Detroit and the Midwest.

Eat slowly at the bottommost of the apartment, or stroll down the street and find a smart cafe that serves delicious breakfast and a smart cocktail bar filled with locals at night. Charming, welcoming, and full of excellent restaurants, bars, and historical attractions, Corktown offers you various attractions and activities during your stay. The Honor & Folly is a 15-minute walk from downtown Detroit.

9. Depressing Dale, Bisbee, Arizona

Shady Dell was founded in 1927 to provide travel trailers and campgrounds for travelers along the famous Highway 80. Since then, it has been an institution that provides original and vintage RVs and RVs to travelers. Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona promises to bring you an unforgettable stay.

The trailer can accommodate up to two people and is equipped with sheets and sheets, a small refrigerator, and a coffee maker, comfortably equipped. For safety reasons, the trailer does not provide a kitchen. However, you can barbecue outdoors. Some trailers have toilets and sinks, as well as toilets and showers within walking distance.

Last words

All mention places are well researched and the best places to visit in the USA. So, now you can follow the list for a perfect and memorable holiday trip. Well!, Now it’s time to spend an amazing amusing-crammed ride at the US best places. Start planning to reach here and narrow down your searches to get the best deals. Now, you can book your alaska airlines reservations in advance to reach here very easily. Nowadays, getting it and reaching this awesome places is more beautiful and very affordable too.

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