Ken Kurson is a veteran of the media industry who has had ample experience observing the different patterns and trends that are existent in the media industry. Some of these patterns have to do with the ways that media is consumed; but others that are more pertinent to the hospitality industry, have to do with the coverage the media industry gives hotels and the hospitality industry, more broadly and generally.

According to Ken Kurson, looking at the way the media covered the recent and even ongoing COVID-19 mess is an excellent case-study of the ways that the hospitality industry and hotels more specifically have been covered. It’s important to recognize what motivates and compels the media to lend coverage to various items. Only when fully comprehending this nature of the media, will one be able to properly understand the dynamics.

The dynamics in this situation are certainly critical and go to the core of being able to understand the nuances and ways that the media tics and ultimately operates. For example, what is it that ultimately concerns the media? What is it that leads them to covering a certain subject as opposed to a different one that might be of equal interest?

The answers all lie with the relevance that the angles might have to the news-cycle and the associated dynamics with that particular news-cycle. The reality is that these are items that need to be properly internalized by hotels and other aspects of the hospitality industry in order to make informed and well-educated decisions about how to get proper press highlighting their respective resorts and hospitality outlets.

One might recommend retaining a media consultant for this task; but ultimately, there’s a need to recognize that if one does invest considerable thought and expend other types of resources into the endeavor, one will be able to do it themselves. The cost reductions and savings can be quite substantial. That’s also something worthwhile both comprehending and internalizing.

Overall, it’s pivotal for hotel and hospitality owners in the industry to recognize how the media operates to ensure they are able to maximize the levels of positive press and media attention their resorts receive.