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The world is so big. It hides plenty of stunning places you do not know actually exist. Our main goal is to tell inquisitive people about different wonders of the world. We are representatives of the QuizzClub community. QuizzClub is an educational and entertaining website that provides users with enlightening and learning experience through free daily trivia.

We bet that the places we are going to talk about, are “off the beaten track” but should be definitely included into your travel itinerary. Probably, you have seen these amazing locations on Instagram or Facebook. However, now it is time to learn about these beautiful destinations yourself. Pack your bag and let’s start our little adventure.

#1 Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island is a real world-heritage. This is a small volcanic island between Australia and New Zealand. The area of Lord Howe Island is only 14.55 km2 (3,600 acres). It represents an excellent location for introverts. If you are one of them, read QuizzClub’s article “10 Best Places to Visit if You are an Introvert”. Most of the islands are virtually untouched forests, with many of the plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.

#2 Tusheti, Georgia

Tusheti is a historic region in Georgia. There you can find one of the most dangerous and beautiful roads in the world. The place is known as one of the most ecologically unspoiled regions in the Caucasus. There you will also find a lot of sheepherders, old defensive towers, castles, and stone shrines.

#3 Lauca National Park, Chile

Chile is a unique and amazing country. Lauca National Park is in Chile’s far north at the foot of the Andean range. There you can see llamas and alpacas wandering around. The most beautiful place in Lauca National Park is the small lacustrine area formed by Chungara and Cotacotani lakes. The unusual geographical position led to creation of lava fields and volcanic calderas. If you want to see more amazing locations in Chile, check out the article “7 Fantastic Places in Chile which will Impress You”.

#4 Crooked Forest, Poland

This forest in Poland got this title because of its oddly-shaped pine trees. They bent near the base of the tree trunks. No one knows exactly why or how the trees have been curved. However, this forest is not natural. This grove consists of 400 pines that were planted in the village of Nowe Czarnowo. The pines remain a mystery to this day.

#5 Abraham Lake, Canada

Have you ever seen millions of bubbles that are trapped in the ice? Such a picturesque landscape can be found in Canada. Methane gas that comes from decaying plants on the bottom of the lake creates bubbles. Frost combined with the clear blue water features its uniquely beautiful scenery.

#6 Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

This astonishing cave was discovered only in 2000. It is full of huge translucent crystals. Some of these crystals are almost 500,000 years old. The cave is poorly studied because of extremely hot temperatures and high humidity inside. However, tourists can go into the cave with proper protection.

Travelling can really broaden your horizons and boost your brainpower just like high-grade trivia questions. Discover new places and learn new things with QuizzClub.

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