Considered by many to be the best source of 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry worldwide, is the country of Thailand. The Karen hill tribe of Thailand began migrating into the country in the 18th century. They brought with them the tradition of creating intricate, beautiful silver jewelry that caught the eyes of the local residents and became a valuable trade for the hillside-dwelling Karen people. 

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Perhaps because of the tribe’s influence, manufacturing silver jewelry has become a modern and vibrant industry in Thailand today. And the best place to find these treasures of 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry is in the country’s capital of Bangkok. 

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is not absolutely pure. It consists of 99.9% silver and contains trace elements of other minerals such as copper. Pure silver is also not suitable for jewelry applications. It is too soft, it doesn’t hold its shape well, and it’s prone to scratches and dents that mar the surface of the jewelry. 

By increasing the amount of copper in the silver, silversmiths also increase the hardness of the metal to the point that it becomes usable for the jewelry industry. This silver is known as 925 silver because it’s 92.5% pure silver. This grade of silver also is known as sterling silver. 

925 sterling silver has become the most valuable silver on the market because of its beauty and resilience. It is crafted into elegant tableware that is handed down from one generation of a family to another in addition to its use in the jewelry industry. 

925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Jewelry Industry in Thailand

Jewelry has always been popular in Thai culture. Before savings banks became accepted, Thai families often accumulated their wealth in land and jewelry. Gold and silver jewellery allowed a family to quickly turn their wealth into cash when the need arose.

This reliance on jewelry as a tradeable commodity helped to grow the jewelry industry in Thailand to what it is today. Thai jewelry manufacturers ship 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry all over the world. 

They are a favorite source for jewelry retailers because of their superior artistry and low prices. The establishment of the business model of ecommerce as a viable source for online transactions has only increased the demand for 925 sterling silver jewelry from Thai manufacturers. And with the increased efficiency and capabilities of worldwide shipping companies, jewelry retailers know their orders will reach them safely and quickly. 

The Karen tribes-members of the 18th century would have been astounded how their humble craft has led to the size and sophistication of the jewelry industry in Thailand. What started as a way to save money for the future has resulted in an industry that supplies much of the global jewelry market in 925 sterling silver. 

The jewelry manufacturers of Thailand are merely carrying on a time-honored tradition in the country by creating works of art that are admired all over the world.

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