An International School in Bangkok’s Vision and Mission is Important

Every international school in Bangkok has certain values and goals that differentiate these schools from each other. Reading an international school in Bangkok’s vision and mission statement carefully should be part of your vetting process. 

Besides choosing between either an American or British curriculum, the location of the school, and the facilities and resources it provides, an international school in Bangkok’s vision and mission plays a large part in the values your child will learn, and your expectations of the education they will receive.

Choose a School with Values that Match Your Own

International schools tend to run the gamut of traditional to modern education. Some schools, content with their student’s level of achievement, take an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to the education they provide. They stick to the tried and true methods that have worked for them throughout all their years in education.

These schools are resistant to change. Your child may receive a quality education at some of these schools, but they may not be fully prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Other schools advertise a “progressive” education. But this term can have different connotations, both good and bad. These schools often have their finger on the pulse of the world’s advances in education. Still, these schools may be so consumed with staying up to date, that they fail to provide an education grounded in the subjects that every student needs to know to advance to a quality university. 

Finding a Happy Medium

One of the ways that you can determine what type of education your child can expect to receive at these schools is by carefully reading an international school in Bangkok’s vision and mission statement. 

Every international school in the city should have one of these statements available to prospective parents and students. They outline the values and goals of the school from an academic standpoint. 

An international school in Bangkok’s vision and mission statement can help you narrow your choices down to a few schools whose values and goals reflect your own. It’s vitally important for both parents and the school to share the same values and goals in education. 

To have fundamental differences leads to confusion in the student. They may feel that they have to play favorites or hide their true feelings from their parents or the school. By having parents and schools sharing the same values and goals, the student can progress through the school’s program with support from both their school and home life. 

They’re spared the confusion and worry of choosing sides. They’re able to concentrate on their studies instead of having to play politics. 

An international school in Bangkok’s vision and mission statement can help you avoid any conflict in your child’s education from affecting their ability to perform. Be sure to read these vision and mission statements carefully to help you avoid making the wrong educational choice for your child. 

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