For many years, Myanmar (formerly Burma) was closed to foreign tourists, but now this unique nation has finally become a democracy and with their doors open to tourists, you can experience a unique and very colourful culture that cannot be found anywhere else. Myanmar, much like Thailand and its other neighbours, is an inherently Buddhist society, and there are thousands of amazing Buddhist temples to visit while in this unique land, and with former colonial architecture, Myanmar has a lot to offer the lover of fine architecture.

Local Guides

If you really do want the very best holiday experience, you should consider hiring a tour guide, someone who speaks fluent English and knows where all the best attractions are located. This won’t be as expensive as you might think, and having a guide with you at all times means you will pay local prices for everything.

Booking your Accommodation

The best idea is to book a 5-star hotel in Yangon, where you can enjoy life in a luxurious setting, and with a very low cost of living, this will not cost anywhere near as much as it would in the west. A Google search is a great place to start when looking for suitable holiday accommodation, from where you can plan many day trips to some of the nicest destinations.

Best Season to Visit

Myanmar is best enjoyed during the months from November to March, which is the coolest time of the year, plus there is no rain during these months. December and January are without doubt the most popular months for foreign tourists, and you can expect hotel prices to be at their highest at this time, as it is regarded as the tourist high season.

Places to See

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the capital city and sightseeing is best enjoyed during early mornings and evenings, due to the excessive heat. There are many free walking tours that can be found online, which allows you to be escorted to the best attractions by a local guide, and they can also give you useful information about evening activities and the best eateries to include in your trip. Mandalay is another city you simply have to visit and climbing Mandalay Hill is one everyone’s list of things to do, as this gives you an unprecedented view of the surrounding countryside. The Sandamuni Pagoda is accessible from Mandalay Hill and is well-worth a visit, with the biggest iron Buddha in the world, weighing in at an incredible 41,000 lbs of iron.

Things to Note

Like any other country, when in Myanmar, you should always keep your valuables close at hand, and watch out for pickpockets in crowded places. Other than that, Myanmar is a very safe place for tourists, and a lot of people speak English on a basic level, which is handy. Don’t change up too much currency into local money, work out a daily need and only exchange that amount.

Myanmar is definitely worth a visit and by taking all of the above into account, you should have an amazing experience discovering the wonders of Myanmar.

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