Book a Patong Beach Hostel to Enjoy the Best Nightlife on the Island

For lovers of nightlife who have never before visited the island of Phuket, Booking a Patong Beach hostel for the length of your stay puts you in the perfect town to enjoy the absolute best of Phuket’s nightlife. 

Patong Beach is the most popular town on the island for shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. What started as a sleepy little fishing village on Phuket’s west coast has turned into a must-see destination for Phuket’s party-goers.

From Bangla Road to Paradise Beach and all up and down Patong’s Beach Road, this town knows how to have a good time. 

Bangla Road – Ground Zero for Nightclubs

Bangla Road runs perpendicular off of Beach Road at the northern end of Patong Beach. By day it’s a traffic-filled road lined with bars and nightclubs. But when the sun starts to set and the clock strikes 6 PM, a transformation occurs on Bangla Road. 

All of a sudden barriers are erected at either end of the road, and tables and chairs start to appear outside of bars and nightclubs all up and down the road. The party starts to happen as much in the street as in the multitude of colorful nightclubs lining the road. 

As the night darkens, more and more people join the party until it’s hard to tell where the road ends, and the sidewalk begins.

The clubs along Bangla Road fly in famous DJs throughout the year. They all have state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to present the latest dance music that lasts into the wee hours. 

Paradise Beach – Tropical Raves Thrown Monthly

Paradise Beach offers raves several times a month. This beautiful beach within a few minutes-drive of Patong Beach is secluded enough from the town that they can crank up the sound system and nobody minds. With a modern lighting system to back up the awesome sound system, a night on Paradise Beach is enough to satisfy any lover of EDM. 

You don’t have to worry about transportation out to the beach from your Patong Beach hostel either. The organizers of the Paradise Beach parties run a shuttle bus all night long from just outside Jungceylon, a shopping mall just opposite the top of Bangla Road. Hard-core partyers can spend a few hours at the clubs on Bangla Road, and then take the bus out to Paradise Beach to continue their nightlife celebrations in Phuket. 

It’s Happening All Up and Down Beach Road

From live music at Bananawalk Mall to Flowrider surfing outside the Surf Club, Patong’s Beach Road always has something happening. It’s by far the most colorful and vibrant area in Phuket, and the small size of the town means walking from attraction to attraction is generally the easiest way to get around when you’re partying along Beach Road.  

A Patong Beach Hostel in the heart of town can be the perfect accommodations for people who love the nightlife and want to enjoy as much of it as they possibly can. 

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