No matter who you are, you’ve more than likely used some sort of odor diffuser at one point or another in your life. Whether it be febreze, a candle, essential oils, lighting incense, using body spray or deodorant, or even just opening a window or turning on a fan. Odor diffusers are pretty much essential to every social situation, and even if there isn’t a bad odor to diffuse, smelling good is always better than not smelling at all. Here are some of the most effective odor diffusers, or scent diffusers that will set the mood for any situation. 

The Spray

When it comes to odor diffusing, there’s nothing more iconic than “the spray.” A pressurized can of nothingness, lavender, rose, or pretty any scent you can get your hands on. No to mention the fairly inexpensive prices and easy access that it gives you. A lifesaver in almost every puppy owners lives, especially during that special time in their life where they don’t exactly understand how the doggy door that leads to the grass outside works. Nearly every household in America has at least one of these in it, and even more have seen one at some point. 

Candles and Incense

Perhaps the oldest form of artificial odor diffusing, candles and incense have been burned for centuries.  And both come with their pros and cons. Disregarding any special meaning behind incense, it’s phenomenal at dispersing a scent throughout a room. And unlike candles, it doesn’t emit a light. This can be desirable if it’s being used in a room that would be more preferable dark. However incense also has a very particular smell to it, and as good as it may be, it’s pretty easy to pick out. Candles on the other hand, do emit a light, They also can produce very pure scents, but not as noticeable as incense. Lighting a scented candle will give the environment a very subtle smell, almost invisible to someone that lives there. However to visitors, it makes all the difference. It also works as a great night light or mood setter, however you should never burn a candle while sleeping. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

One of the most modern ways of odor diffusing is by using essential oils. These are extremely diverse, and have many different applications. There are some oils made purely for getting rid of unwanted odors, and have no smell to them whatsoever, but depending on the origin of the oil, they can also be very potent, and help increase focus and motivation, or create a relaxing and soft environment, They can also be applied in different ways for more diversity than just scent.

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