Do you have a big trip coming up?  Have you been intrigued by anabolic steroids recently? Do you desire to drop some weight, burn fat, get more defined appearance and boost your strength? If those are your desires, we advise you to keep reading this post as we will inform you about everything you ought to know prior to starting with anabolic steroids. 

If you have not been informed about Anavar results yet, don’t worry as you will know more than enough about it once finished with this.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is grouped as AAS – anabolic-androgenic steroid that is available under various names on the marketplace like Var, Oxanabol, Oxandrin and Oxandrolone. Since chemical structure most likely doesn’t concern you we will just mentioned that it is part of C17-alpha alkylated active steroids. It is testosterone derivative (DHT-dihydrotesterone). Testosterone is the most crucial hormone in our body. All bodily functions are controlled by it.

When we mention 320:24 what does that refer to? 320 is its anabolic property while 24 is its androgenic property. Simply for comparison, testosterone has 3 times lower anabolic ratio. With the androgenic property of just 24, no surprise it’s called the mildest among steroids. This is another very cool feature of Oxandrolone.

Steroids can trigger adverse effects, some cause mild and some severe. Whether that is loss of hair, cholesterol increase, sleeping disorders all the way to cardiac arrest. Thankfully, Anavar for sale will not trigger anything.

Some Anavar results that make it the number one steroid

In the beginning, Anavar acted as a medication and was utilized throughout treatments for osteoporosis and fast weight loss due to an injury, operation or something else. Just so you know, if you ever end up having issues with that, now you know what can help you. However, this is not the reason why guys like you and me purchase it.

The reason why professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fans use it are the following:

Strength increase- huge strength gains that will be long lasting. While your body is in positive nitrogen balance, you can do longer and more difficult training.

Fat burn – lean mass is a specialty here and not muscle mass like in bulking steroids (Dianabol). It is maintained during a caloric deficit. Fat melts in the area where it is hard to lose it. As a result, you will have more vascular, strong and defined body. You will even gain 5-10lb of clean muscles.

No estrogenic side effects – estrogenic side effects are men boobs and water retention. You whole body is filled with water, resulting in a bloated appearance while your inner orangs may get damaged. This happens when testosterone converts into estrogen.

Improved nitrogen retention and increased protein synthesis- muscle growth depends on these two processes.

Enhanced athletic performance – strength, power, endurance and speed.

Anavar dose and cycle for ideal results

The outcome is determined by the dose user takes. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, at the end of the day it is up to you. Responsible use results in fantastic results without any negative effects. Typical length of a steroid cycle with orals lasts around 4-6 weeks. The main factor is liver damage (hepatotoxicity). This doesn’t apply to Anavar as the typical cycle can last up to 10 weeks for males and 4-6 weeks for females. Due to its half-life of only 8-12 hours you will have to take it twice a day. Most people prefer one in the morning and one at the nighttime. The dose determines both positive and negative outcomes.

Doses depends upon 2 things, are you a female or male and whether you are a professional athlete, bodybuilder or someone trying to get in shape. Let’s begin with female doses. If your desire is to lose fat and get more appealing body, the most appropriate dosage for that would be between 5-10mg per day. If you are a female bodybuilder then 15-20mg per day will do a trick.

If you are a male who has never utilized anabolic steroids before but would like to start now, we advise you to begin with 20-30mg a day and see how it goes. Athletes should also stick to this dosage, 30mg per day. Intermediate users can increase it up to 50mg per day while those advance steroid users tend to use 100mg per day. We don’t recommend!

Prior to starting with a new cycle, you ought to know what your objective is and what do you desire to accomplish. As soon as you decide, we suggest getting in touch with the pharmacist as she will address all your concerns. If you are wandering about stacking, you can Stack Anavar with Testosterone Enanthate, Dianabol and Trenbolone Acetate. The majority of bodybuilders start with bulking steroid that provides them muscle mass. Considering that those muscles are not shredded then they take Anavar which leads to an astonishing body look.

Women can expect even better results from Anavar than men

Females choose to call it Oxandrolone. They can utilize it without stressing over virilization as its androgenic ratio is only 24. This unfavorable effets where a female establishes male characteristics. The greater the androgenic ratio is, the greater the possibility of adverse effects. It is essential to keep dosages lower than 20mg per day otherwise you can experience deeper voice, hair growth in undesirable places, bigger clitoris. Some think that Oxandrolone has more powerful impacts over females than males. If you desire to get rid of fat, the steroid will help you.

Anavar adverse effects and post cycle therapy

Despite the fact that it is the mildest, you can still experience some negative effects. They are mainly triggered by inaccurate doses and cycles. If you desire to avoid them, utilize it properly and most likely everything will turn out fine. If you choose to overlook this, you can experience the following:

Suppressed testosterone production, liver damage, cardiac arrest due to low cholesterol, loss of hair, high blood pressure.

Considering that these side effects are avoided, PCT- post cycle therapy is not required. 

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