Hong Kong is known as the paradise for shoppers. However, it is much more than shopping. Apart from delectable local food, there are beauteous landscapes in the country. You can enjoy the city views from high altitudes, celebrate the festivals, visit theatres, watch sports, and do a lot more. 

Moreover, Hong Kong allows the passport holders of Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, and EU countries to stay in the city for 90 days without a visa. For those who have a passport for the UK, the visa-free period is 180 days. 

If these reasons are not convincing you enough to take flights from Melbourne to Hong Kong, the exciting reasons mentioned will surely do. 

Hong Kong is a Family-Friendly Destination 

As a parent, choosing a perfect destination that you and your children will equally love is hard. If you like the place, chances are it is boring for your children, and if your children like it, probably you do not like it as much. 

But Hong Kong is one such destination that would be loved by adults and children alike. The city has distinctive amusement parts, nature reserves, and awesome museums. Disneyland would surely win the hearts of your little ones, while you can enjoy the nightlife at SoHo, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tui, and Lan Kwai Fort.

Hong Kong is Beautiful 

Reach the Victoria Peak’s summit to enjoy spectacular views. And if you are visiting the city for the first time, do not miss this extraordinary experience. When you reach the peak, the bird’s-eye view of downtown Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, and Hong Kong’s skyline will lift up your spirits. In addition, you do not have to climb your way to reach the top, you can ride the antique tram and relax while getting up there. 

Hong Kong is Shopper’s Paradise

The reason why it is called so is that Hong Kong offers an extraordinary shopping experience. From traditional stores that sell Chinese products to trendy boutiques with the latest fashion, from bustling street markets to luxurious shopping malls, you will find everything that is of the latest design, and the electronics at the best prices. You may find collectible antiques at affordable prices as well.

In Asia, the best place for purchasing watches, electronic goods, trendy clothes, ornaments, and cosmetics is the city of Hong Kong. During the sales season and in duty-free stores, you may find goods that are dirt-cheap.

Mouthwatering Local and International Cuisine

Hong Kong is renowned as Asia’s culinary capital. You will find delicious and exquisite international as well as local dining options here. The fresh seafood and local dim sums are must-try. You will find the local food in Hong Kong to possess a pleasing appearance. Also, everything here is made with fresh ingredients, and even the local chef here cooks with immense passion every time. 

If you found Chinese local food to have strange ingredients or strong flavors, you will find the food served in Hong Kong is light in flavors. Also, you may enjoy authentic cuisine from India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Africa. 

A Mix of Chinese Tradition and Western Life

Hong Kong’s colonial background gave it a sophisticated fusion of west and east. The culture here is one-of-its-kind that represents a blend of various backgrounds. You can visit one of the high-altitude cafes in a skyscraper to have a cup of refreshing coffee in the morning as well as pray for favorable fate in a Chinese temple later during the day. 

Because of the diverse culture here, you will find it easier to have conversations with people here, a lot of them understand and speak English. You will also find a number of places and streets with understandable English names. 

Satiate Your Love for Sports 

Hong Kong holds a number of world-class sports events that will fill you up with joy and excitement. You can witness several sport’s stars performing in various high-profile sports events occurring throughout the year, like Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, International Dragon Boat Races, Hong Kong Tennis Open, etc. 

One of the notable sports that are popular not only locally but also internationally is horse racing. During the racing season that stretches from September to July, you should not miss races in Sha Tin Racecourse or Happy Valley Racecourse. 

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