Ice fishing is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of thousands of people. However, it’s not the easiest terrain to fish in for anyone. For someone who requires a wheelchair, this activity might seem impossible, especially when using an average wheelchair.

This is something the company Extreme Motus wants to change. Their company’s ethos is to ensure that everyone, disability or not, can enjoy every activity they want to.

So, they invented the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair. This wheelchair has been designed so that it can cover all different kinds of terrain. Its three low pressure tires make it easy to be pushed over everything- from gravel, sand and even ice. Most importantly, it is safe. Every Emma X3 wheelchair is equipped with a seatbelt, with the option to add a five point harness, meaning that no matter the weather, you or your loved one will always be safe.

Many other all terrain wheelchairs on the market today lack brakes of any kind. The Emma X3 has dual rear disk brakes. Because the center of gravity is over the rear axle these brakes provide excellent stopping power even on steep descents.

With this in mind, can you ice fish in this wheelchair? Disabled Outdoorsmen USA decided to put the Emma X3 to the test.

Wheelchair users from all around came together to Strawberry Reservoir, Utah, to ice fish. Despite multiple people needing the use of the wheelchair, everyone was able to take part in the fishing trip. Camp was set up, and those in wheelchairs were able to partake in the action thanks to the Emma X3. Take a look at this video to see how wheelchair users were able to travel over this difficult terrain:

The video perfectly shows how the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair glides smoothly and easily over any terrain. Although often considered a summer product, the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair can be used over any difficult terrain.

As you can see from the video, everyone involved on this fishing trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and no one missed out on this amazing experience. With this all-terrain wheelchair, you can certainly ice fish, as well as take part in so many other activities.

If you have a loved one that is unable to do things they love due to a condition or a disability, seriously consider investing in an Emma X3 wheelchair, so they can continue to do everything they used to love, or try new things out without anything holding them back. 

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