It’s your first trip out of the country. Don’t get nervous, get prepared. You’ll travel more easily, and feel more secure by following these tips.

Check with the CDC First.

The Center for Disease Control is a federal agency with a website that is constantly updated, country by country, to keep you informed about any nasty bugs or special health risks you need to prepare for. You may need special shots or you may even decide to change your itinerary. 

How current is your passport?

Many countries today will not let you in if your passport is set to expire in six months or less. If you’re in that category, get it updated well before leaving. 

Review your health insurance.

Make sure you’re covered in foreign countries in case of illness or accident. If you’re not, it’s a good investment to buy some special travel insurance for the countries you plan to visit. Also, if  you’re on any meds, make sure you take a full supply with you — they may not be readily available where you’re going.

Invest in a power adapter.

They’re small and cheap, and can save your electronics from going haywire in a country with a different voltage. And at least a six foot long power cord for recharging.

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