Tapas bars are justly famous in Spain for their light yet filling snacks. Buy a glass of wine, and settle back to enjoy slices of crusty bread, always baked on the premises, with hamon, Spanish olives, or anchovy/artichoke heart pate. 

But there’s more to Spanish cuisine than that. Much more. You’ll want to sample these national favorites as well.


A fried dough pastry that is extruded in the shape of a tube, this is the traditional breakfast snack throughout the country. Never buy them from a store — they come out tasting like cardboard! Simply stroll through the streets of Spain in the early morning and find the nearest open cafe to order two or three. Dunked in Spanish hot chocolate, they’ll bring out the inner child — and inner glutton! 


Brought to Spain by the ancient Roman legions, this cold tomato soup is the ideal antidote to quench your appetite and refresh your soul whenever it gets overheated. Nothing like American soups, this dish features only fresh tomatoes blended with fresh herbs and a touch of white wine and balsamic vinegar. Onions, garlic, and a kiss of hot peppers are added, and left to marinate overnight. The result, with traditional rosemary crackers for dipping, is more than mouthwatering — it’s mouth flooding!

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