With the probable extra stress and strain of traveling on vacation to a new place, it’s doubly important to stay hydrated. But sometimes that’s the cause of all the stress and strain, isn’t it? You wonder if the water is safe to drink and what to do about bloating and other nasty things that come to travelers who have to battle Montezuma’s Revenge or Bangkok Belly. 

Travelers should always know the potability of the water where they’re going, and take appropriate measures. One additional precaution that seasoned travelers use to surmount debilitating gastrointestinal issues is simply preventative — if you are going into an area where the water is unsafe, then take a dose of something like Pepto Bismol prior to boarding the plane. This helps you avoid any wasted time when you initially arrive. The important thing is to stay hydrated while on any long plane trip, and to avoid alcohol. 

One other tip it’s important to know when traveling is that even when you’re in a country where the tap water is perfectly safe you can still come down with a 24 hour ‘stomach flu’ simply because the local microbes in the water are different from those your gut is used to at home. If this happens, don’t sweat it — just drink bottled water and take a few charcoal tablets for the first 24 hours and you’ll be fine. 

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