Experienced travelers have formulated some common sense and simple ideas as they’ve hit the road over the years. Here’s a few of them to help you travel light and easy:

Timing is everything

If you’re flying you already know enough to allow plenty of time to queue up at the counter. But if you’re driving and parking at an airport, then give yourself even more time so you can use the economy parking lot — if it’s an unfamiliar airport it may take some time to find it. The money you save is well worth the extra hour it may add to your schedule. 

Take it with you

Coming home with the odds and ends of foreign currency doesn’t mean a trip to the bank. Who goes to the bank nowadays anyways? Save it all up in a jar, and when it’s full take it with you on your next foreign trip to exchange — since you always have to do an exchange once you arrive anyways. Right?

Tie a yellow ribbon . . . 

Not around the old oak tree, but around your luggage. Something distinctive that insures you grab your bag off the carousel, and not some stranger’s lookalike. It also prevents others from mistakenly grabbing your luggage because they think it’s theirs.

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