Is it safe to travel to Mexico this year? That’s the question that tens of thousands of travelers are asking themselves before they finalize plans to visit a great country that has been scared by recent violence. Not only were nine members of a peaceful religious family massacred for no obvious reason just this week, but in the past year violence against tourists has flared throughout the country. 

The answer to the question ‘is Mexico safe’ lies in two different areas. 

One is who is going, and the other is where you’re going.

Right now single young men are relatively safe throughout the country. They are not seen as either a threat or an object from which to gain pleasure or profit. 

And the safest areas of the country right now are around Mexico City itself. Both northern Mexico and southern Mexico, including the Ucatan, are not considered safe travel areas for tourists right now.

Of course, if you have family in a certain area of Mexico, and plan to travel there for a visit during the Holidays, you should contact them first to get their first-hand account of just how safe things are in their neck of the woods. 

And on final encouraging word: Resorts along both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific are beefing up security so that they are now considered extremely safe for vacationing families.

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