When money is tight yet cabin fever has set in so bad that you need to get out and experience something new and exciting, why not try a staycation? A vacation near home that requires a hundred miles of travel, or less. This is especially great when you’ve got small children coming along — flying long distances as an adult is trying enough nowadays; doing it with diaper changes and tantrums can become impossible. Here’s some suggestions, according to the experts at Ankin Law Office.

It’s a real vacation, so disconnect.

Tell your boss you won’t be available for emails, texts, or phone calls. Then get in your vehicle and turn off the cell, the tablet, and the laptop. This is especially important with kids along — if they see you working on the phone they’re going to want to play video games and so on. 

The Chamber of Commerce.

Then pick a town, any town, that’s at least fifty miles away, and google its Chamber of Commerce — every town has one, and they are a smorgasbord of things to do and see in their little old town. Some of them can be exciting, educational, and either free or on the cheap. Make your hotel reservations, pack up the car, and go. It’s can be very entertaining even if you just find a cheesy tourist trap — think of the snarky things you can post on your social media!

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