Cambodia is an ancient country that provides travelers with a wealth of activities and opportunities to both marvel at their fabulous past and enjoy the current beauty, cuisine, and friendly people. Here are a few tips to help make your vacation to this Southeast Asian country a delight:

Be aware of the Thai border.

When traveling in western Cambodia always be aware of how far you are from the border with Thailand. While the Cambodian/Thai border is currently quiet, in the past few years there have been skirmishes between the two countries along their shared border. Should you inadvertently cross the border on a rural road you may find yourself stuck in Thailand if you don’t have all the proper passports, visas, etc. with you. 

Is the ice safe in your drink?

Yes, for the most part. While you should never drink the tap water, almost all of the ice used in beverages comes from commercial companies that guarantees its purity and safety. 

If you want to save money, avoid expensive taxis and use buses.

The local bus and tuk-tuk services are great. Buses connect all of the major towns and most of the rural villages, and the three-wheel tuk-tuks will take you anywhere in a local village or city for just a few dollars, or less. Bus station signs are always printed in both English and Cambodian. 

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