The air travel intelligence company, ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) released data earlier in August, claiming that the total net sales of air travel agencies topped more than $4 billion in July 2021. Although the total number of passenger trips decreased by 4% and domestic trips dipped by 2%, these figures are a 947% increase compared to July 2020 when most airlines and airports saw a sharp decrease in passengers due to the pandemic.

In addition to the data published by ARC, the omnichannel corporation also revealed that more than 12 million domestic flights and 4 million international flights were booked throughout July 2021. With millions of monthly passengers, and round-trip ticket prices averaging around $450, the travel industry in the United States is looking to tick upwards after a challenging and daunting 2020.

These and other industry statistics may look promising, but some industry experts are still reluctant about the future of international travel for the remainder of the year. More so, countries in the European Union, East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand have remained closed for more than a year for international visitors. Although the downturn of international travel in these regions may cause some demise, travel businesses and agents are reaping the success of the post-pandemic travel boom.

Young entrepreneurs from all over the world have seen hope in the post-Covid travel industry, and have already managed to bring about modernization to ensure the longevity of the industry. Starting a travel business has never been easier, and startup enthusiasts are willing to take the risk.

Find a demand worth catering for

Travel, both domestic and international may only be seeing a restart now, but before you head off to find your first clients, look for demand within the industry that you can cater for. Currently, corporate or business travel is looking to take off again, so be sure to look for a gap within the industry you can fill.

Build connections

Whether you have previous travel agent experience, or simply starting, build a relationship and connect with travel agencies in your region. Even more, connect with agents, and travelers who already have an abundance of travel experience. The better connected you become, the easier it will be to set up your business.

Find your niche

It might not be exactly the same as what we’ve previously mentioned, but find your niche that will resonate with your business model, and what you’re setting out to do. Create deals and packages that cater to a specific audience, and offer more authentic experiences than what other competitors are currently offering.

Do your research

Read, listen, and ask as you go. Research your industry, and the environment in which you will be operating from. Ensure that there is a demand, and also research what other companies are currently offering. Make sure you understand what the risks and rewards of your new business are.

Ensure you become a registered business

Whether you’re a registered travel agent, or simply an entrepreneur looking to build a successful business, ensure that you have a registered business name and have filed all the necessary documentation. If you’re not sure what is required, you can learn more from this insightful source.

Travel to sell

To offer something unique and authentic, you will need to travel to a specific destination and experience it for yourself. Of course, if it’s something more local, you can simply do some local market research beforehand. It’s always easier to sell an experience of a product which you’ve encountered.

Become reliable

There are many ways you can ensure reliability, but most importantly, remain reliable in your offerings, and the value you offer. Create a website and social media that shows who you are, and what you offer. Use customer feedback and reviews as a source of credibility. And finally, keep to your business model and how you want to achieve success with your new travel business.

There are dozens of great ways you can start a new travel business. Some of these points are only a summary of what you can offer within the planning of your business. Travel businesses have become a great way for young entrepreneurs to be their own boss, and find satisfaction in a job that offers more than just financial success, but also incorporates working with people and selling past experiences.

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