Las Vegas is a wonderful travel destination to let your hair down, relax and try to win some money. However, non-gambling activities can be fun! Check out a show and stroll around the casino before you get outdoors and check out the marvels open to you away from the roulette table.


ATV Riding

The Nevada landscape is quite remarkable and an ATV tour is a wonderful way to enjoy it up close. You’ll get guidance on how to manage the ATV and your trip will be led by a skilled rider with plenty of information about your destination. The Mojave desert awaits you, your family and friends!


Vegas Party Bus Rental

Join with friends new and old for a party bus crawl in Las Vegas. Most of these party buses come with a stripper pole where you can let your wild side shine a bit. Thanks to the skilled driver, you only have to worry about getting yourself home in safety. Dance the night away. Get in line for shots at the mobile bar. Try a few moves on the stripper pole. It all stays in Vegas, right? Best of all, you can have safe fun and let a professional handle the driving.


Machine Gun Package

If you’re ready to extend your ATV tour with more rugged play, you can pair it with some machine gun shooting. These tours are led by those skilled in gun safety and care for the desert. Your time on the shooting range is a great way to connect with your comrades and blow off a little steam.


Vegas Strip Flight

Las Vegas from the air is a marvel when all the casinos are lit up. Take a helicopter tour of the city that lights up the desert.


Off Road Trucks

If you’ve never been in an area that was friendly to off road travel, the land around Las Vegas is ideally suited to expand your horizons. Off road trucks are built to withstand pesky problems like deep sand, large rocks, rugged terrain and big cacti. Thanks to the high clearance and bash-proof attachments, you can take an off-road tour far out into the desert for a break from the city.


Pole Dancing Class

If yoga is your usual go-to, look for new ways to stretch and relax your body while getting a little naughty. A pole dancing class could be a wonderful way to put new muscles to work and allow you to learn some new moves to please your loved one or just yourself. You can also leave your class with a new selection of tunes for your workout back home.


Your trip to Las Vegas can include a lot of variety. The options above will let you see the desert around the city. You might get to handle a few new firearms and meet some new people. Expand your activities! Before you go, don’t forget to play a few games of chance. We hope you go home ahead!


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