People are getting very excited about new types of accommodation that are currently coming onto the market like Airbnb, home stay, guest houses, and other rental options, but none of them compare to the luxury of staying in a top hotel. If you are a traveller who prefers luxury in their lives, then there is really only one option for you, and that is to stay in a top hotel. While budget travellers might be happy with the much cheaper, and to be perfectly honest, the poorer alternatives, then that’s up to them. However, there are so many advantages to staying in the top hotels and we will explore some of them here.

If you are hoping to check into a 5-star hotel in Saigon, then your expectations will be high, and rightly so. You are paying for the best, and you expect to get it. When you compare a hotel such as this, to the renting alternative, it doesn’t even come close to the luxury that you are missing out on.

  • Better value for money – When you arrive at your rented accommodation, so many things are missing. You don’t get a greeting on arrival, and you definitely don’t get a cool drink to welcome you to the establishment. If you’re on your honeymoon, or you are celebrating a special occasion, there will be no champagne waiting for you, as you arrive at a rental destination. There will be no bathrobes and slippers, chocolates on your pillow, and an extensive restaurant where you can enjoy the best food around. There will be no one there to clean the apartment, and you’re going to have to do it yourself. This is definitely not luxury, and the only way to experience all of this, is to book yourself into a five-star hotel.
  • Much better service – For hotels, the key to great success is hiring the right kind of employees. They want people who can deliver exceptional service every single time, and people who can deal with guests with a smile on the face, and the need to please. In the top hotels, staff will figure out your needs before you even ask for them, and if you’re looking a little bit tired and stressed, then they will gladly advise you with regards to the best spa’s available, and if you’re lucky, the hotel itself will supply some spa facilities.
  • A good night’s sleep – If you are considering the rental option, then you should know that these rental properties do not supply the best kinds of beds to sleep upon. They might be hard or saggy, and the room itself might not have any air conditioning. This is unacceptable in hot climates, but you won’t have any of these problems when you stay in a five-star hotel. The beds themselves are pure luxury, and the mattresses feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Luxury hotels follow all government regulations, to make your stay as restful as possible.

For your next trip, whether it’s business or pleasure, make sure that you book the best accommodation possible at your destination. This will always be a five-star hotel, and once you stay in one, you can never go back to the lesser alternatives.

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