In what must be one of the most competitive of industries, hotel owners really have to pull out all the stops with their marketing strategies, and having to keep your rates low to be competitive certainly doesn’t help when you can hit the necessary occupancy rate to turn a profit. In times like these, the hotel needs to invest in digital marketing solutions, and they are provided by a leading SEO provider.

Here are a few of the online strategies to boost room occupancy.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – This is perhaps the best performer of all, as we all have social media accounts, and with Facebook marketing, you get to choose the groups that can see your ad. Of course, if your guests post positive things about your hotel, this can generate a lot of business, and the hotel itself needs to have a very active presence on all the major social media platforms. If you want to maximise your roi with social media marketing, forge an alliance with a leading SEO provider, as they are the experts. The SEO expert would take control of all your social media pages, and by posting quality content on a daily basis and interacting with users, your hotel would enjoy a large social media following and that has to be good for business.
  • Online Reviews – If you register with well-known review organisations, you can gain a 5-star reputation, and when a person has to choose between several hotels, they are likely to go for the one with the best online reviews.
  • Google Ads – This is another very productive way to reach potential customers, and using AI, Google will put your ads in front of the right type of people, and pay per click (PPC) advertising can also generate a revenue, as well as encourage people to book suites. If you want the best, check out, who are one of the UK’s leading digital marketing companies that deliver the desired results every time.
  • Revamp Hotel Website – You may not have looked at your website for a while, and it could likely do with some improvements – something a good SEO provider can arrange – which will boost the hotel image and make it easier for people to make reservations. The SEO company has their own in-house web design team, who would make some design suggestions, plus they would recommend adding pages for articles and promotional events.
  • E-Mail Promotions – The SEO specialist knows how to engage clients with great promotional content and this is something you can do every few months, with seasonal sales, customer loyalty and referral promotions.

If you have a lot of local competition and would like to get ahead of the pack, talk to a leading digital marketing company and they will put together an aggressive digital marketing plan that will boost your occupancy. Any such provider would be happy to offer you a free online audit, to determine the status of your online profile, then they can make some recommendations on how best to drive traffic to your website.

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