A recent media survey shows how Americans plan to spend their vacation time this Holiday season. The breakdown goes like this:

Americans have been saving up those vacation days for holiday in order to live the life of Riley by the end of the year. The recent survey reveals that about sixty-seven percent of U.S. citizens have already made definite plans to travel during the next two months. And more than a quarter of those say they plan to be gone from home for more than a week. 

The survey says that of those who responded just under fifty percent intend to limit visits to their hometowns in order to visit with friends and family. The rest will take to the road to visit other places. Travelers are not worrying too much about gas prices, either; seventy-eight percent of those polled said they intend to drive. So be prepared for the usual road congestion. A good idea is to check your roadways before leaving to plan for any major detours because of road construction or adverse weather conditions. The airlines are going to take a hit this Holiday season, since only forty-eight percent of respondents plan on flying.

Family travel is big again this year; over a quarter of those in the survey said they would be traveling as a family. And one third of those in the survey said they would be spending over five-hundred dollars for their winter vacation. 

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