Cell phones have changed a lot of things even over the last decade. It’s hard to imagine a time before iPhones and Androids, but there was a time where we had to figure things out without the help of a cell phone at our side.

Those times are long gone and technology reigns supreme. To say that cell phones have had a huge impact on our daily lives would be an understatement and it would take a research paper the length of most novels to completely cover the topic.

Even more importantly, providers like Mint Mobile and Hello Mobile have made cell phone usage more affordable than ever. It might seem like everyone has a cell phone these days but that’s because just about everyone actually has a cell phone these days.

The Impact of Cell Phones on Travel

One of the arenas where having a cell phone has drastically changed things is in the way that we travel. Before, you would have to log into a travel website, find your flight, book it, print out your itinerary, and bring it along with you.

That’s still common for the older generations but cell phones have made it easier than ever to check in. You can book through apps on your phone and call up your information the day of your flight as you get to the airport.

There are even kiosks at the airport where you can scan a QR code through your app and check in taking just a few moments. That level of convenience had not previously been there in the airline industry.

Picking Seats and Getting Your Boarding Pass

In the old days, you’d have to pick your seats (if you were lucky) while booking your flight on your computer and you couldn’t print your boarding passes until closer to the flight date and time.

Now, with cell phones, you can do all of that through your smart phone. Pick the seat that you want and access your boarding pass at any time through your app (with another QR code). Just have your phone with you when you check in and it takes a couple of quick scans. That’s it.

Traveling is just one of the many areas positively affected by cell phones and there is still room for improvement. It will be interesting to see how developments in travel continue to be implemented, especially in tandem with the ever-evolving technology of cell phones.

So long as you have your cell phone with you, the travel experience can be easier and more convenient than it ever has been before.

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