Are you planning a tour to Japan? Osaka is one of Japan’s main cities located on Honshu island. The city boasts of the best food scenes and is an excellent spot for food lovers. It will also allow you to explore attractions ranging from museums, galleries, amusement parks, and more. It’s a place worth a visit and will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

For a successful and fun trip, you should make early preparations. These include booking your air tickets, accommodation and planning the must-do activities. If on a budget, you want to make the right choices. And there are various hotels to match your budget.

How can I determine the best hotel in Osaka?

Osaka is a beautiful city, and you want to experience its magnificence to the fullest. For the best travel experience, plan your travel schedule and check the flights from Bangkok to Osaka with Cathay Pacific. You’ll also get many other flight routes that may interest you.

You also need ample relaxation space after a busy day full of activities. Luckily, there are various hotels in the city, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. If your budget is somewhat constrained, you can still get a nice place to match your financial capability. 

However, there are things to consider to get the best value for your money. These include the amenities available, proximity to towns, and other attractions in the city. The price is also worth considering, but you should strike a balance between quality services and cost. Besides, you don’t want to save much and regret getting substandard services.

Here are examples of cost-friendly hotels in Osaka:

1. Osaka Namba

Osaka Namba offers air-conditioned rooms and a shared lounge in Osaka. It’s situated 400 meters from Nipponbashi Catholic Church and is 700 meters from Zojugoi Yasuidoton Dobokukiko Monument. Also, it’s 700 meters away from Komyo-Ji Temple and 700 meters away from Shinko-Ji Temple. 

What if I need parking? This shouldn’t bother you. The hotel offers free WiFi, and you can arrange for private parking for an additional fee. Osaka Namba hotel is a perfect stay in a fantastic location with multiple amusements.

2. CASA GRApP Shotenshita

CASA GRApP Shotenshitas is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. It’s situated 1.1 km from Hanazono Shopping Mall and offers a wide variety of amenities. These include air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, and more. 

The rooms feature a balcony allowing you to have a better view of the city at all times. They are superbly furnished and very spacious. What’s more? The CASA GRApP Shotenshita is within proximity to historical sites like the Kuroda Han Historical Gate. 

3. Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda

Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda neighbors many tourist attractions, making it a great spot for most visitors. The rooms feature air conditioning and shared bathrooms. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, the 24-hour fitness center will serve you right.

 Herbis Plaza ENT and is near the Nishiumeda Square. If you want to tour the popular attractions on foot, your choices include the Dojima Yakushido, TKP Garden City Higashi Umeda, and the Jizoji Temple. 

4. Comfort Self Hotel Harvest Tenma

The Comfort Self Hotel Harvest Tenma is yet another low-cost hotel to consider. It’s situated at the heart of Osaka and is about 1 km from Nozaki park. It’s also a short walk from Seibi park, making it a favorite among visitors who love those serene moments in the parks.

 What of the amenities? The hotel offers free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, and free bikes. Moreover, the accommodation includes a patio and city views, and many refer to it as” Home away from home.”

5. Smile Hotel Premium Osaka Higashishinsaibashi

Smile Hotel Premium Osaka Higashishinsaibashi is ideal for anyone traveling with bulky luggage. It offers spacious luggage storage space, and you never have to bother about your bags during travel. The hotel also offers free WiFi and neighbors places like Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and TKP Shinsaibashi Ekimae Conference Center.

Smile Hotel Premium Osaka Higashishinsaibashi is located about 300 meters from Hoan-Ji Temple and is close to many tourist attraction sites.

6. The Dorm Hostel

The Dorm Hostel is an excellent spot for relaxation and offers a 24- hour lounge for all guests. It also boasts a wide selection of books that you can read as you relax and enjoy free coffee. The Dorm hostel also offers free WiFi and is a comfortable place that provides everything that you need during your stay. The hostel is 5 minutes walk from Nagahoribashi station and is close to popular attractions like the Osaka Pub Crawl, HK Club Q International Party Bar, and Midosuji Street.

7. Waqoo Shitaderamachi Hotel

Waqoo Shitaderamachi features air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen TV, and all rooms have a private bathroom. In this hotel, you’ll also enjoy free laundry, a hairdryer, and toiletries. If you’re seeking a serene place to stay during your tour, Waqoo Shitaderamachi Hotel will do this and more. It’s clean and quiet during the day and will offer the much-desired peace of mind.

8.Plaza In Naniwa Hotel

Plaza In Naniwa offers different types of rooms. These include single, double, and twin rooms. Also, the hotel provides air-conditioned accommodation, with all guest rooms outfitted with electric teapots.

 If you love shopping, the hotel would be an ideal spot for you. It’s within proximity to the Hanazono Shopping Mall and other attractions. These include; the Matsunomiya Shrine and the Abeno Seimei Shrine. Also, it’s not very far from the Itami Airport, making it an ideal spot for travelers.

9. Five Hotel Osaka

The Five Hotel is new and gorgeous. It offers air-conditioned rooms coupled with a garden. If you’re seeking a relaxation spot in Osaka, his hotel will suit you right. Its facilities include a restaurant and adequate luggage space for all your belongings. 

There’s also free WiFi throughout the property, making it easy to catch up with friends on social media. That’s not all, though. The Five Hotel Osaka features family rooms, big enough to accommodate anyone traveling with loved ones. It’s also an excellent spot for visitors interested in Osaka’s Korean town.

Final thoughts

Choosing suitable accommodation is critical during travel. If on a budget, you want to consider various aspects to avoid making mistakes. Nonetheless, you have multiple options, for there are many cost-friendly hotels in Osaka. All you need is to list the must-have amenities and search online for hotels that match your requirements.

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