People nowadays share more personal information online than ever before. The identity theft has been on the rise, and every day thousands get duped by in different manners. They can steal your credit card info, identification, and whatnot. The risks are even higher when you are traveling. Though everyone acknowledges that there is a risk when you share your information online, most of us do not care much while using applications, Wi-Fi, etc. while on the move. Here are a few tips to keep you safe while traveling.

Say no to public Wi-Fi

There is no doubt that public Wi-Fi hotspots are amazing and very useful while you are on the move. Free public Wi-Fi has become very common in hotels, libraries, public places, and more across the globe. The main issue with these hotspots is that they are not secure. Instead of using such a network, it is better to get a portable router on your Wi-Fi hotspot. You can easily do that by getting a local traveler SIM that is available in most of the countries.

Password-protect devices and use tracking tools

Make sure all your devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. are password-protected. You should also make sure that your credit card information stored on your phone is encrypted. Make sure the unlock password is strong, and it is not related to any personal information. Always keep location tracking enabled and install tracking software to track your phone in case you lose it. Most such apps also have an option to destroy the data on the phone.

Safe yourself from EMF

Many countries do not monitor and regulate EMF or Electric and magnetic fields. The radiation emitted by mobile towers, electronic gadgets, etc. can have an adverse effect on you. The initial signs may include fatigue, loss of sleep, etc. It is better to keep gadgets like SmartDot with you while traveling. You can check the SmartDot Review to learn more about it.

Avoid posting information on social media.

While you are traveling, make sure not to put any information, including pictures on social media. Do not put your agenda for the day or week in advance on social media. You can share what you did and where you were once you are back home. Also, make sure to disable geotagging while sharing images and videos with anyone.

Avoid taking sensitive documents

There are many documents like birth certificates, social security cards, etc. that people take with them while traveling. You generally do not need such documents, and it is better to keep them at a safe location back home. Also, please make sure not to bring all the credit and debit cards with you while traveling.

Monitor credit card activity

Once in a day, tally all the credit card transactions, and if you see anything fishy, please report to the bank immediately. Also, it is better to switch on the transaction alerts on mobile and email.

Final words

Travel is an important part of personal and professional lives. There are a lot of possible scenarios where you can get in trouble. To ensure you always stay on the safer side, it is better to keep the points mentioned in mind.

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