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Want to be listed on Hotel eGuide?

Yes, it is possible.  But only hotels we have selected are listed on Hotel eGuide.

Our millions of readers trust us to help them choose the best hotels, whether one or seven star.

As the world’s leading digital publishing group the eGuide name counts and so we have strict criteria before properties can be listed.  We are a travel guide so if you are selected then we link direct to your website.

Hotel eGuide takes inward links from our 150 destination eGuides that cover most world destinations.  Each eGuide provides comprehensive travel information and in many locations the leading provider of editorially driven credible travel information.

Hotels, resorts, guest houses, retreats, B&B, Inns and more are all welcome to apply.  However your location must be one of our eGuide destinations. Browse the menu on the left to check.

And then easy, just email us your website address and we will start our checking process.

Just email us at stating that you want to list on Hotel eGuide and include your website address.  A member of the eGuide team will make contact and help you out.

If selected we will detail your hotel in our format and create a page on Hotel eGuide.  This will be linked to your website.  Additionally we will put an image and paragraph on the city page. 

And just as important we will put an image and paragraph on the appropriate eGuide and link that to your page on Hotel eGuide. That gives two places that our readers will find you! Being in the editorial sections has significant credibility.

And with little and in some cases no competition traffic will flow.  Numbers are strictly limited for each destination.

Our dream would be to make it all free! However it cost us to run the checks and put your hotel details up.  Currently our charge is $350. Once up, we are happy to leave your property up for 2 years and will extend another year if your property continues to meet our slection criteria.

We do reserve the right to remove any listed property if during the 2 years standards fall. Our readers staying in your property will tell us!  But am sure we will only receive positive comments.


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