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Welcome to Hotel eGuide.  The place where the eGuide team have selected the best hotels for each travel eGuide destination.  Hotels are selected for all budgets. Browse the hotels, view the details, check the price and make your hotel booking. Each hotel is either booked direct with the hotel or using one of our hotel booking agencies that is offering the best deal for that hotel.

Rest assured we only select the best hotel booking companies and we monitor performance. You can book with complete safety and have access to a full customer service provided by each hotel booking partner.  We welcome help monitoring hotels. If it the hotel is great then do let us know and if it does not meet expectations share that with the world.

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Hotel and Travel Trends

Hotels are innovating.  In recent years, butler services have become a standard feature for valued guests in many of the most luxurious hotels around the world. The first design hotels were launched in the mid 1980's in New York . ‘Morgans' designed by the legendary Andrée Putman changed the rules of hotel design forever with its groundbreaking style.

Art hotels are among the latest craze in the hotel industry, replacing design hotels as a must-visit for the luxury traveller who has seen it all. The idea of falling asleep under the stars and having a family barbecue around the campfire might sound very appealing if it weren't for the bugs, hard floors, leaking tents and smelly sleeping bags is all changing with glamping, the luxury way to camp. Maximalism is currently the hottest trend in hotel design. A whole range of young designers have junked the minimalism concept and instead returned to full-blown décor, massive furniture elements and an emphasis on comfort. The no frills concept is quite simple. It is all about providing a basic service, from which any extras are removed, at very affordable rates, great when you just want a room.

As the West End is seen by many as the theatre capital of the world it is not surprising that a trend in London is for some hotels to offer hotel room & theatre packages.

Can you imagine anything more romantic than waking up to the sound of waves and birds, smelling the fresh sea and stepping outside to see colourful fish swimming in crystal-clear water all around your bungalow, try some of the overwater hotels such as in the Maldives.

Sleeping with the fish in underwater hotels is the latest craze in global travel. The mysterious oceans are the world's most unexplored area that has always held a special attraction for mankind, they exist.


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